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Cultural Events in Buenos Aires – La Fuerza Bruta

August 28, 2010

There are countless events, parties and shows to see in a big city like Buenos Aires, and like any good study abroad student, I want to see it all! With this in mind, me and my friend Marianne bought the last 2 tickets to a sold-out show of La Fuerza Bruta early this week and on Wednesday night, we met up to walk to the Cultural Center of Recoleta for the show. We had a little trouble finding the place so we didn’t arrive until 9pm, which was when the show was supposed to start. To our surprise though, there was no line to get in and rather than a stage with people crowding for a good spot, we discovered a room with around 100 people standing around and dancing…  to the club-like music that was playing. No stage and no crowding. This was off to an interesting start . . .

Dancers hang sideways from the ceiling and run and jump on a piece of metalic

Close up of some of the dancers

Without giving away too much I will say that this was one of the most interactive shows I have ever seen. Structures appeared out of the walls and the performers regularly entered the audience to dance and get the crowd to participate. People danced in mid-air, seemingly unaffected by normal rules of gravity and most astonishingly, a transparent pool of water descended upon the audience for much of the show through which we were able to view women creating art with their bodies and the water.

Dancers entered the crowd to interact with the audience

A performer makes faces at the audience through the water above

Although it was a bit short (at around 1 hour) I would highly recommend this show to anyone considering going. And in general I just want to urge all of you to take advantage of the cultural opportunities in your area. Whether you are studying abroad or reading this from home, there are interesting things to do everywhere and these are the kinds of experiences that make life interesting.

Time to Start Homework,

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